Why Cedars Immersive        Marketing?

With 3D Virtual Tours, we are able to fully immerse you into a digital duplicate of any space, at any time, on any device, from the comfort of your own home and anywhere in the world. 

Cedars Immersive Marketing is your all-in-one solution providing 3D Virtual Tours, Floorplans, Google Maps Integration, and 4K HDR Still-shots which can be listed directly to MLS and Realtor.ca.

Eliminate travel time. Narrow down your listings. Educate, train, and market your space virtually, online. The future is now!

Unlock the Power of 3D Virtual Tours

Cedars Immersive Marketing showcases your property allowing consumers to take in the layout of your space. Incomparable to video, with 3D virtual tours viewers get a better understanding of how you operate your business and what you offer. Accessible from Google, our team often refers to 3D Virtual Tours as 24/7 open houses or 24/7 shopping centers. 

Take advantage of the guided walkthrough option that walks your viewers throughout each tour. With the guided walkthrough option you are able to highlight and showcase your property's marketing features, all you have to do is click on the play button. 

Market, train even educate your viewers by leveraging Virtual Tags. By clicking on each Virtual Tag, the colored circles located inside each tour, you are able to include your marketing content, pictures, videos, as well as web links.

Cedars Immersive Marketing provides viewers with an immersive way of exploring the most realistic virtual replica or "digital twin " of your space; any space on any device by simply sending an SMS or email. 

Welcome to the new norm!





With Virtual Tour, you get most out of your space

Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 1.00.50 AM.png

Leverage Virtual Tags and include videos, pictures, links, property details, marketing information, training, and educational content.


Generate Schematic Floor Plans that are accurate to 1 to 2% of reality.

Include high-resolution print-ready photography and still-shots as part of your listings. 

Google Maps Integration allows you to link your space directly to Google Maps. 

Keep track of analytical reports, traffic reports, starting dates, impressions, visits, and unique visitors.

Verify, review and share measurements easily in your digital twin.

Immerse into any space in Virtual Reality 

With 360 Views you can highlight indoor and outdoor amenities. unattached structures like sheds, pool houses, building lobbies, 

Guided walkthrough tours showcase and highlight features throughout your space.